Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer all your burning questions. Below you’ll find the most frequently asked ones. If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, you’re welcome to send us an email at s**@**, and we’ll get back to you.

Where can I find the live conference?

Enter the live page, select the stage of your choice and click ‘enter stage’. You’ll be redirected to a new window where you need to fill in your name and email address. From there, Clinical Conference 2021 starts at 19.00 (CET) / 20.00 (EET)!

Which browser should I use when I log on from my computer/laptop? 

We recommend that you use Google Chrome, as this gives the best experience.

Can I join on my smartphone or tablet? 

Sure, but do keep in mind that you need a stable internet connection. Mobile networks tend to vary in quality, so there may be drop-outs, but that shouldn’t stop you from participating on a smartphone or tablet. We recommend that you use the Chrome browser for Android and Safari for Apple. 

I’m not able to enter the stages. Who should I contact to get access?

Don’t panic! Send us an email at s**@** and we’ll try to help you out as soon as possible.

There’s no live stream on the stage I’m in?

The conference will be kicked off at 19.00 (CET) / 20.00 (EET) by a Clinical Talk show on stage 1 and for hearing care on stage 4 (only on Monday 4 October). During this, there won’t be any sessions on stages 2 and 3. 

I don't want my full name to be displayed in the chat – how can I change this?

Although you need to enter the stages with your full name and email address, we’ll only display your first name in the chat.  

Where can I ask questions to a speaker?

On top of the chat screen, you’ll see a questions box where you can ask your questions. If you don’t see this box, then you can just ask your questions in the chat. We’ll make sure to pass them to the hosts or speakers, so they’ll be answered when we move to the Q&A. 

I had to log off in the middle of a session. Can I re-watch it somewhere after the conference? 

All sessions (except those from the hearing care programme) will be available on demand on Viewpoint after the conference. We’ll send you more information when the conference has ended.  

I had to log off in the middle of a session. Will I still receive CET points for attending? 

To receive your CET points, you should attend the full session. It’s possible to watch it on demand after the conference. We’ll send you more information when the conference has ended. 

What will be the language during the conference?

As we’ll again host one conference for all this year, all clinical talk shows, masterclasses and panel discussions will be in English. Only the masterclasses specifically for hearing care will be in Dutch.

Is the conference only open for Specsavers employees?

Clinical Conference is open for all eye care professionals: optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, and optics and optometry students – whether you work for Specsavers or not. Because we also offer hearing care for our Dutch market, the conference is also open for all hearing care professionals and audiology students.

Do I get accreditation points for joining?

As an optometrist from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, you can earn 1 accreditation point for each session you attend (local variations may still apply). We’re still awaiting confirmation in the Netherlands.

Dutch audiologists can earn 12 StAr points for attending the entire hearing care programme on Monday 4 October.

Can I (re)watch the sessions after the conference?

Yes, all sessions will be available on-demand on Viewpoint after the conference. By attending the sessions live, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to the various speakers – you won’t have that opportunity when watching the sessions afterwards.

What does it cost?

As always, it’s free to join Clinical Conference.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here.