Arjan Postma (host)

Naturalist, forest ranger & tv personality

Arjan Postma is a naturalist, writer of nature books and frequent guest in Dutch tv and radio programmes. He grew up in Waterland, just north of Amsterdam, which triggered his fascination for nature. After completing a study in history, he found out that he actually preferred to spend his time outdoors. That made him choose to become a forest ranger in his home province, which gave him extensive experience in nature and landscaping.

As he got so much knowledge from his experience as a forest ranger as well as from many excursions in the Netherlands and abroad, Arjan always has a story to tell about nature or animals. That’s why he wrote multiple books about the outside world and is a welcoming guest at Dutch tv and radio programmes.

On the programme
Arjan will be the host of the hearing care programme on Monday 4 October – which you might know as World Animal Day. He’ll host a Clinical Talk show on the topic ‘Can plants hear?’, as well as a fun quiz on the link between animals and hearing.

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