Ben Ashby

Director of Optometry at Specsavers Australia and New Zealand

Since Ben Ashby graduated in optometry in 1999, he has held leadership roles in everything from corporate optometry over eye research and education to private practice. In his current Specsavers position as director, he is responsible for clinical and professional performance. Every day, he actively works with sustainable models for eye care delivery that can improve patient treatment and reduce cases of blindness.

As glaucoma runs in Ben’s family, he has researched eye-drop medications, investigation systems and technologies that help detect the disease in due time. He holds a council position at Glaucoma Australia and teaches as an adjunct lecturer at the University of New South Wales and an honorary fellow at the University of Auckland.

As if not enough, Ben also holds a council position at Deakin University optometry advisory board. Next to his booming career in the world of eye care, he managed to obtain a doctorate in philosophy in 2014.

On the programme
Ben will host a masterclass on glaucoma detection and OCT in optometry on Tuesday 5 October.

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