Betül Tekeli

Optometrist, orthoptist & Clinical performance consultant optometry, the Netherlands

Betül is trained in optometry, orthoptics and health sciences and has two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree in her pocket. Since graduating from her optometry and orthoptics studies, she has gained experience in optical stores as well as in (eye) hospitals – giving her extensive knowledge of binocular vision. She has worked as an optometrist in different Specsavers stores across the Netherlands, seeing a variety of customers and cases a day. And currently, she’s working as a Clinical performance consultant for optometry at the same company.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that binocular vision is her main professional interest, mainly because she likes to solve the more complicated cases and because of the many different customers. The one thing she loves most about her job is helping people with a problem that affects their daily lives: “Most people feel relieved after getting to know their eye problem, and what can be done about it. That makes it worthwhile!”

When Betül isn’t helping people to solve their eye problems, she loves to run, read, paint, cook and to go out with friends.

On the programme
Betül will give a practical masterclass about recognising the warning signs of accommodation spasms on Monday 4 October.

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