Bo Lauenborg

Optometrist and CEO at The Contact Lens Institute, Denmark

Bo Lauenborg has specialised in contact lens fitting for almost 40 years. When he graduated with a bachelor of optometry in 1982, contact lenses were still very unknown to patients. Bo dedicated his career to changing that.

After consulting new contact clinics in Norway for seven years, he became a leading partner of the Danish Contact Lens Institute (DCLI) in 1993. Here he worked passionately to build up a modern and multi-faceted special clinic in central Jutland, Denmark.

Today, DCLI serves as an Alcon-certified research and test hub for multinational manufacturers. Bo and his colleagues collaborate closely with ophthalmologists and binocular visual trainers in Aarhus and abroad. Together, they conduct clinical studies to discover new – and better – types of contact lenses.

Bo has a lot of experience teaching and instructing eye care professionals at the Danish College of Optometry and Visual Science and the Danish Optometry Association. He works as an associated lecturer for the Vision Care Institute in Prague, advisory board member at the health department of Aarhus University and clinical director for the Special Olympics.

On the programme
Bo will join the panel discussion on the future of contact lenses on Monday 4 October.

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