Fokko Trip

Manager Professional Services at Menicon, the Netherlands

Fokko Trip is a skilled optician and contact lens specialist who has worked in ophthalmic clinics for 17 years. Here, he specialised in fitting lenses on irregular corneas and correcting vision through refractive surgeries. He has a lot of experience in the medical device industry, including work with healthcare information technology, clinical research, and coaching.

In addition to his practical skillset, Fokko holds a management degree. At Menicon in Holland, he works as a professional services manager. His day-to-day tasks include developing new lenses, doing myopia control, and offering professional training in workshops.

Fokko gives hands-on advice on choices in the diagnostic process. He is sharp at zooming in on specific advantages and disadvantages in using topographic tools and imaging.

On the programme
Fokko will discuss the future of contact lenses as part of the panel discussion on Monday 4 October.

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