Fredrik Källmark

CEO at Dry eye clinic Källmarkskliniken, Sweden

Ever since Dr Fredrik Källmark received his BSc in 1982 and his PhD in 2009 from Karolinska Institutet in Swedn, he’s had one goal in life: to exploit clinical competence and turn it into clinical practice. And he’s come a long way.

Fredrik runs Källmarkskliniken, the first and only dry eye clinic in Sweden, based in Stockholm and Malmö. With his specialised staff, he aims to prevent dry eye disease and provide the best quality of life to dry eye patients through clinical work and research.

And talking about his love for clinical research, Fredrik worked as senior lecturer and supervisor at Karolinska Institutet until 2015, where he taught Optometry and Medical students. Today, he still supervises PhD students as part of his Research and Development position at the same university.

With his great passion and know-how of the diagnoses and treatment of dry eye, Fredrik makes an effort to travel the world and give lectures on his current research, which focuses on meibomian gland dysfunction in connection with systematic inflammations and corneal erosions.

Next to that, Fredrik is also a representative of the Tear Film & Ocular Society (TFOS). Here he plays an active role in the massive DEWS reports, which seek to achieve a global consensus concerning multiple aspects of dry eye disease.

On the programme
Fredrik will tell you all about managing dry eyes in the masterclass he’ll give on Tuesday 5 October.

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