Ivan Nisted

Senior lecturer at The College of Optometry and Vision Science, Denmark

Ivan Nisted’s primary interest and field of research is the development and treatment of binocular vision anomalies. As a senior lecturer, he gives classes in vision training, epidemiology, evidence-based optometry and visual perception. Ivan teaches on the BA programme at the Danish College of Optometry and Vision Science.

At Aarhus University, he runs the class “strabismus and binocular vision” for master students. Ivan holds an optician degree from 1995, a contact lens optician degree from 2001, and finally, a master’s of public health from Copenhagen University.

When Ivan is not teaching, he conducts research and clinical work. He has, amongst others, published studies on the screening, development and treatment of refraction on school kids and cataract surgery. Ivan has a strong passion for providing good eye care and preventing sight loss. He holds two part-time scientific board positions at respectively Fight for Sight and Synoptik-Fonden.

On the programme
Ivan will give a masterclass on the topic of evidence-based optometry on Monday 4 October.

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