Kristin Nistad

Clinical Excellence and Development Manager at Memira, Norway

Kristin Nistad started her career working as an optometrist in Brilleland. In 2002, she changed to Alcon Laboratories Inc., where she became head of sales for technical equipment used in eye surgeries. She operated in both Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

For the last eight years, she has been clinical excellence and development manager at Memira Eye centre Nordic, a Copenhagen-based company performing eye laser surgeries. Her job is to secure that the clinical results are optimized by monitoring and developing processes, products, and techniques.

Kristin’s main strengths in the industry are that she is good at communicating and building relationships (internally and externally). Her focus is on strategic planning, quality insurance, testing, and implementing new treatment methods.

On the programme
Kristin will be part of the panel discussing equipment innovations on Monday 4 October.

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