Robert Andersson

Professor of Optometry and Biomedicine

A native Swede, Dr Robert Andersson (PhD and MSc) travelled to Finland early in life to take his initial optometry education at Helsinki IV Health Care College. Years later, he is now a medical researcher specialised in geriatric eye diseases, myopia control and epidemiology.

Robert’s social and patient-care oriented focus shines through in his work on health disparities, public health, dry eye and pathophysiology of age-related eye diseases. He is always “busy saving the world” through good eye care and teaches students to do the same at Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Salus University in the U.S.

In 2003, Robert received a specialist degree in Occupational Health Care, and in 2018 he got his PhD in biomedicine. In his role as a principal teacher, he passes all that year-long knowledge and practical experience on to undergraduate and graduate students.

On the programme
Robert will join the Clinical Talk show on Tuesday 5 October.

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