Svein Tindlund

Optometrist, Head of Clinical Performance at Specsavers, Norway

Svein Tindlund knows his way in the world of medical eye care. After graduating as an optometrist in Norway and obtaining his master’s degree in clinical optometry and eye diseases (with focus on dry eye treatment) in the United States, he specialised in excimer lasers and cataract. He has been part of the group that started Memira AS, a chain with 48 clinics for refractive eye care in the Nordics, where he held several roles: from surgery assistant to quality manager, and in parallel as an optometrist and clinician.

In 2017, Svein became Optometry Director at Specsavers for the Northern European region (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands). And in 2021, he moved to the role of Head of Clinical Performance, which allows him to spend more time working as an optometrist in stores. His main professional interest is shared care between optometrists and general practitioners, patient communication and presbyopic contact lenses.

When Svein isn’t working, he’s enjoying life with his family in a city south of Oslo, close to the Swedish border. You can find him out on the ocean regularly – year-round! – and otherwise, while he’s making cider as that’s another one of his hobbies. He claims that the older he gets, the better life gets!

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