An audience sitting and raising hands at a previous Clinical Conference hearing care.

Clinical Conference

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We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and continuous education to improve our collective skills and to raise the level of both the optical and audiology professions.

That’s why we organise our yearly Clinical Conferences for eye care professionals in Northern Europe and for hearing care professionals in the Netherlands. The conference brings together diverse and inspiring topics from leading industry experts, all presented to eye and hearing care professionals from Specsavers and other companies.

Since our first conference in Norway in 2009, we have grown exponentially. In 2013, we organised Clinical Conference in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – and added the Netherlands to the list in 2016. That’s when we also added hearing care into the equation – a line of business we only have in the Netherlands.

Now, almost fifteen years later, Clinical Conference is the largest event in Northern Europe for all eye care professionals – and one of the largest hearing care events in the Netherlands.